Multi Disc Packaging for your DVD / CD Production

When Quality, Style & Elegance Matter…

Marketing 101 tells us that product packaging is an essential ingredient to creating value in the minds of customers. Cheap and common packaging types will diminish the value of your DVD or CD production regardless of the investment you made in its content.

With The DubHouse custom Multi disc packaging solutions, your projects will stand out and command the respect as well as the perceived value of its selling price. After 14 years we have printed nearly ever multiple disc package on the market; from CD & DVD digipaks, plastic binders with insert sheets that hold multiple discs and custom printed rigid (turned edge) boxes.

See below for some of our standard options. Please call us if you would like to modify these or create something absolutely new and original.  We have countless options that are not listed on this page.

Multi Disc Packaging – Binder

The Multi Disc Binder comes in three sizes.

Small – holds up to 6 discs . . . Outside dimensions: 6.38 x 5.44 x 0.56
Medium – holds up to 12 discs . . . Outside dimensions: 6.38 X 5.44 X 1.135
Large – holds up to 24 discs . . . Outside dimensions: 6.38 X 5.44 X 1.68

**We will print and insert the front graphic on all sizes. We will also insert all discs and shrinkwrap the final product.

Multitray Digistack & slip case

Rigid Box with DVD/CD Digipaks

6 panels CD Digipak, 3 Clear Trays

8 panels Gatefold DVD Digipak, 4 Trays