CD / DVD Business Card Printing

If you’re in search for replicated or duplicated Business Card (hockey rink) or Mini Round DVDs or CDs then you are in luck. Our client’s tell us that we have some of the best rates available for these formats.


Replicated Sizes

Hockey Rink DVD (80mm x 60mm) & (80mm x 66mm)

Business card DVD (rectangular)

Mini Round DVD (80mm)

Hockey Rink CD (80mm x 60mm) &
(80mm x 66mm)

Business card CD (rectangular)

Mini Round CD (80mm)

*Includes a 5-color Offset direct to disc imprint.
Estimated turn: 10 working days – Delivered

One of the main reasons our prices are so very competitive on these sizes is that we do not have to cut discs into the shape, but have the ability to “mold” to the exact size. This saves both time and money.


 Duplicated Sizes

Hockey Rink DVD-R

Business card DVD-R (rectangular)

Mini Round DVD-R (80mm)

Hockey Rink CD-R

Business card CD-R (rectangular)

Mini Round CD (80mm)

*Includes 600dpi direct to disc glossy imprint.
Estimated turn: 2-3 working days

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