CD Printing Services

For orders from 500-500,000 units The Dub House offers our CD Printing services. CD reproduction via replication involves the creation of a glass master from your original. A stamper is made from the glass master and your discs are pressed out of molten plastic. This is the process used for all large scale (recording labels, motion pictures, etc.) To see our individual replication plants click on them below or for a customized quote with innovative printed packaging click on get a quote to the right side of the page.


CD Replication Locations

We offer our CD replication services direct from the below plant locations to guarantee you a fast turn around time. Please click on the desired plant location to read more.

  • Ft. Lauderdale / Miami – Florida
  • Charlotte – North Carolina
  • Los Angeles – California
  • New York – New York
  • Minneapolis – Minnesota
  • Richmond – Indiana
  • Puerto Rico
  • Asia