What’s a Dub?
Dub is industry jargon for duplicate. It is frequently used in recording and broadcasting.

What’s the difference between duplication and replication?
Duplication is used for smaller quantities. It is the process of “burning” data onto a blank disk with a laser, like you can do at home. Except at the DubHouse, we can burn hundreds of disk in a matter of hours, saving you from frustrating equipment tie-ups. We can also imprint a “face” on your disk, which is a more professional look that a stick-on label.

Replication involves the creation of a glass master. From that, a metal “stamping” master is created, which will mold the discs from plastic pellets. This is the most efficient way to produce 500 or more discs.

How long will my order take?
CD & DVD Replication – Please plan on 10-15 working days for a replication order. This allows time to ship at the lowest rates, and time to correct the rare problem that occurs. Orders can be produced more quickly, if needed — ask your rep about our fast turn-around options. Depending on circumstances, rush charges may apply.

CD & DVD Duplication – Please plan on 3-5 working days for a duplication order.

VHS Duplication – Please plan on 5 working days for duplication with generic packaging. If you desire a printed video packaging the turnaround increases to 12 working days.

What kind of “face” can you put on my disc?
For duplication orders under 500, the most economical choice is text on a blue, black or white background, and no art from you is needed. If you want to provide a design with graphics, you can choose between 300 or 600 dpi resolution. If you are replicating 500 or more discs, you may choose any of these options plus silkscreen or offset disc imprinting.

What kind of art do I need to provide?
Believe it or not, this is the most complicated part of reproducing your discs! Most orders have 2 art components—disc imprint and packaging. For VHS orders, it’s tape label and sleeve. Templates are available on our website so you can create your art at the exact size it needs to be. The preferred file formats are Illustrator or Photoshop; files must be 300 dpi or higher. The template should be kept as a layer or should be removed before sending art to us. Art can be provided on disk or uploaded to our FTP site, or emailed if files are under 5 MB. The DubHouse recommends using a professional graphic designer to produce your art files. If you don’t have a relationship with a designer, we will be glad to handle your design work with our award-winning design partner.

What do you mean “There’s a problem” with my art?
Some typical problems that occur are: customer requests a quote for one-color art but provides a full-color file, template layer is embedded in the file, typos in the art, low-resolution art produces a low-quality printed image, customers don’t send fonts with their file so font substitutions occur, etc. The DubHouse recommends using a professional graphic designer to produce your art files.

What are my packaging choices?
The DubHouse provides more than 200 packaging choices. Discs can be inserted in Amaray cases (DVDs), jewel cases or a wide variety of paper and cardboard sleeves, either generic or custom printed. Amaray cases are designed to hold a “wrap” that is custom printed. Jewel cases can hold a variety of printed inserts and tray cards. VHS tapes can be inserted in cases or sleeves, which are custom or generic. When it comes to packaging, if you can envision it and provide the art, we can make it happen.

I need DVD copies but only have a video master. Is this acceptable?
Yes, we can accept your video master, however, we will need to encode it to the DVD format (mpeg2). We offer very simple “straight encoding” to more elaborate authoring with menus, buttons, chapter points, etc. We will then create a DVD-R master which will be sent to you for approval, prior to duplication. Encoding & Authoring services are provided for an additional charge.

Can you duplicate my European format tape?
We can accept nearly any tape master format—digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Mini DV, DVD, ¾” or DV-Cam.

I don’t see what I need on your website. Can you do it?
Please call us with any special needs. We will always accommodate whenever possible. You can reach us at 954-524-3658 or toll free at 877-900-DUBS (3827).